Apply for a Rush Vietnam Visa Online

Urgent visa is applied in cases where travelers have departed from their country and simply forgot or was not aware of the visa requirements of Vietnam. In such cases, we can provide an urgent visa within 30 minutes - 4 business hours.

Penalty Fee: This is for those travelers arriving in Vietnam at out of working time (after 4pm in Vietnam time), on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, but they forgot to apply for a Vietnam visa until their flight departed. We would like to highly stress the point that you will be DENIED ENTRY to Vietnam without Visa application. Given these extreme circumstances, we can guide you through this situation. The cost for this service is 220 USD for single entry visa.

If you like to enter VietNam before that date, please contact us via email: [email protected]  and Hotline:

United States +1 718 618 9968 United States +44 238 0970 968 Australia+61 280 033 968 Viet Nam +84 967 722 575